Bone fractures happen at the most inopportune time. Most of the time bone fractures require emergency medical treatment at a hospital or surgery center. Fractures must be set back in the proper place and immobilized in a cast or splint in order to heal properly.

OrthoLA has a certified orthopaedic technician that is specially trained in various casting techniques and bracing.  When our physicians determine that a non-surgical intervention is appropriate, patients are able to be fitted for casts and braces in the clinic. Durable Medical Equipment, commonly referred to as DME, can be purchased at our clinics.  We also offer a variety of items that can assist in home therapy and treatment including biofreeze, orthotic inserts, theraputty, etc.

Therapy Items for Sale

  • Biofreeze Professional Gel (4 oz)
  • Biofreeze Professional Roll-on (3 oz)
  • Biofreeze Professional 360 Degree Spray
  • Protech Full Length Orthotic
  • Protech Control Full Length Orthotic
  • SlimTech 3/4 Orthotic
  • Protech Classic Plus Full Length Orthotic
  • Overhead Pulley
  • Theraputty – Yellow
  • Theraputty – Yellow/Green
  • Theraputty – Green
  • Edema Glove
  • Wrist Widget
  • Mini Massager
  • Electrodes (4 pack)