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Work Related Injuries

We must know if a visit is a work-related accident or injury prior to scheduling the appointment. Failure to notify us upon scheduling the appointment will result in the rescheduling or denial to accept the case.

Work-related injury claims must be verified in writing with the employer or their compensation carrier prior to scheduling the appointment. The address and claim number of the compensation carrier, not the employer, are required for treatment. Patients will not receive a bill unless the claim is denied by the employer or the carrier. In that case, the patient will be responsible for all medical expenses.

Work-related injury appointments cannot be cancelled or rescheduled without employer permission. We must report missed appointments to the employer.

Allow at least one week for the completion of any forms. Fee may apply for the completion of special forms.

Please download the attached pdf and fax to (985) 625-2206 Attention Injured Worker Coordinator.